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You CAN Change + Ways to Start || with Brooke Snow

change podcast Sep 08, 2020

Doing little things, with consistency, truly do add up.



I want you to think about something you've always wanted to change. And I ask this at the beginning of this episode, then rattle off lots of ideas, but I bet something comes to mind for you. It's hard though, isn't it? I am right there with you. Enduring years of slow transformation myself, I want to give you the tools to get going, too. Know that you CAN change, and in this episode learn some very simple places to start.


Brooke Snow is a podcaster, fellow Optimize coach (I'm currently certifying!), author and proponent of sustainable change. Really, she is a champion of all things we strive for at About Progress and I know you will resonate with her teachings and experiences. Brooke even opens up about a traumatic experience years ago, that led her to meditation and ultimately a transformation that she still works on every day.


We're covering the basics of what's keeping you from change, to how to move past that, and some encouragement if it's a slow process. Brooke will help you understand that it's the tiniest of habits that, with consistency, make the biggest difference. Tune in to learn how to grow bigger than your mountain, establish your floor and ceiling, plus the life-changing mantra that you can also adopt.



About a few other things...


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However you have chosen to educate your children during these unique and uncertain times, I want you to know you're doing the right thing! I have compiled all my favorite resources to share with you in hopes they support you in any way. As a former educator, turned newly homeschooling mama I want us to know we're all in this together, so check out the COVID School Resource Guide.


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