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Do you struggle to create habits that stick?  


It's not your fault.

The truth is simple: you've been trying to form habits using methods designed for perfect robots--not real women living real lives. 


It's time to change that.

You CAN create habits that stick, even with real responsibilities, constant interruptions, and precious little time!


Just like every single woman, you have the capacity to make habits that support the life you desire. 

You simply need the right method--one designed for real women leading real lives.

And you need to learn this method in a supportive environment that gives you an extra boost in accountability and motivation.


If I could help you gain confidence in creating habits AND guide you to create the ONE supportive habit to deeply care for yourself, could you commit 21 days to learning this method? 

The Sticky Habit Intensive is a 21-day challenge, live course, and online community that revolutionizes the habit-formation process.


It's real habits for real women.

The Sticky Habit Intensive is for you if you . . . 

~Feel insecure about your ability to create habits that last.

~Are tired of riding the all-or-nothing waves with your habits. 

~Have responsibilities that demand flexibility from you

~Have read popular books on habits, but they didn't work for you

~Are regularly interrupted in your day-to-day life

~Have very little time to devote to your self-care

 . . . thrive best when you can learn in an environment that fosters accountability and provides more personal support.

Meet one of our Sticky Habit Method students, Laurel!

About Laurel: She's a mom of three little kids who is balancing being the primary caregiver for them + growing a hobby farm with her spouse and a new small business on her own.  

The Sticky Habit Laurel gained in the course: Personal prayer before bed.

"All of my space in my home and most of my day is shared with someone (kids, husband, pets...) and sometimes its tricky to feel like anything is my own! I crave that and am working to let personal prayer be a space that is just for me and my connection with God." 

What shifts the course helped Laurel make: "I started this course feeling like I didn't have many habits I could stack together because I am always flexing my daily routines and schedules (mom of young kids etc). [But, I learned] that I am in control of a lot more tiny variables than I realized. I really loved creating and viewing it all from my ideal to the bare minimum!" 

What habit formation process is the Intensive based in?

The Sticky Habit Method.

The Sticky Habit Method is a years-proven process that WORKS for real women who learn to create sustainable, supportive habits that are both practical and life-giving to their busy day-to-day lives.

What's included in the 21-day Intensive:

  • 3 weeks of a live course, habit challenge, and private online community
  • 1 weekly hour-long lesson, replay included
  • 1 weekly coaching call, replay included
  • Access to an exclusive private online community for additional accountability and support
  • 1 workbook to guide your learning AND implementation
  • Support from Monica directly inside the community
  • You'll leave with one majorly supportive new habit + increased confidence AND know-how to create more habits for years to come
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Meet one of our Sticky Habit Method students, Kelly!

About Kelly: Kelly spent the last few years moving a few times with her family, battling breast cancer, and getting her masters in education. She is a new teacher, adjusting to juggling all the things.

"I'm an ADHD mom of 4 kids all in different stages, so I get overwhelmed easily. Reminding myself to work on my supportive habits first gives me energy to handle my kids with flexibility, patience and love and give myself grace as I am figuring it out." 

The Sticky Habits Kelly gained in the course: Kelly worked on going to bed earlier and meditation.

What major shift the course helped Kelly make: "SHM has been the missing piece for me in habit formation. I know it will still not be a smooth road, but the mindset shifts and practical tips will keep me on the path that will help me form habits aligned with my values. The biggest mindset was recognizing that the problem wasn't me failing, it was the system failing. This takes out the shame and makes it a game for me! I am able to recognize why I fail, not shame myself, and get back on the wagon."

BONUS: The Intensive includes lifetime access to all Sticky Habit Method's materials!

While the course will be taught live during the Intensive, you'll also get longterm access to all of the Sticky Habit Method's pre-recorded lessons, workbook, and more. This way, you can continue to reference what you've learned as you form habits for years to come. 

Want a sneak peek into the SHM materials?

Module One: Redefine

Module One will help you redefine what habits are and how they are formed. It's important for students to re-wire the way they view habits so they can do habits differently.

You'll also identify your "Habiteer," a habit type, so you be aware of your lingering habit tendencies as you move on to learn the Method.

Module Two: Revolutionize

This module is part one (of two) of the official Sticky Habit Method.

In it, you will learn how to create your own habit plan that is designed to support YOU, using the Sticky Habit Formula. 

This is also where you'll narrow down the habit you want to develop by the end of the course.

Module Three: Refine

This module is part two of the official Sticky Habit Method.

You'll learn the process of implementing your habit plan + how to tweak and build onto your habit from here.

Module Three includes hands-on learning with a 4-day sprint as you develop (and refine!) your new habit!

+ a "Bad Habit" BONUS MODULE: Revise

 This highly-requested module will help you shift your bad habits, for good!

In three full-length lessons, you'll better understand what bad habits are, why we gravitate to them, and how to work to revise them in ways that stick.

You'll use what you learn to revise one bad habit of your choosing.

Valued at $97, included free!

Have other online courses not worked for you? It's because they weren't made with real women in mind.


I designed this for YOU! Because, I know what it's like to be a busy woman with little time, low energy, and limited support

I'm Monica, and I used to think I was "no good" at creating habits that stick.

I believed lies about habit formation that blocked me from creating supportive habits. So, instead I carried on feeling worn out and resentful.

The all-or-nothing model to all things personal development always landed me back where I started. Habits were no different.

I truly thought that there was something especially broken about me, and that "good habits" were only for a special breed of super women.

Read: NOT me.


But, 8 years ago I embarked on what became a years-long experiment to change outside of the all-or-nothing pendulum swing. I learned to embrace progress over perfection.

This process not only changed my life, but it also changed my habits. AND how I do habits.


After YEARS of studying popular books and courses on habit formation, while they were helpful, I still found that the teachings out there on habits didn't seem to have women in mind.

Women who are capable, smart, and dedicated--but who also have real responsibilities that are by nature more uncontrollable. 


As a progress coach, I found that applying traditionally-prescribed habit formation processes simply didn't translate well to. . .

~the woman who was the caretaker for her elderly parent

~the young mom dealing with unpredictable toddler tantrums

~the working professional struggling with balance, and

~the mama working 'round the clock both inside and outside the home.  


I knew it was time for me to create my own method to habit formation. One outside of perfectionism, and one designed for real women leading real lives.


It took me (more:) years, lots of experimenting, and an abundance of curiosity from both myself and my coaching clients, but . . . I did it.

The Sticky Habit Method will completely transform not only the way that women view habit formation; it'll change the way they view themselves.  


In this Intensive, I pass on to you EVERYTHING I know about how to form habits that stick as a busy woman living in a chaotic world.


My promise to you: In 21 days, you'll leave with one new supportive habit under your belt AND both the know-how and the confidence to continue building habits for years to come. 


I want you to know that habits matter. They are the way we live out who we want to be.

But I also want you to know that you don't have to have full days of strictly-regimented routines to have good habits.

I don't.

And I can still tell you that having a few stable, supportive habits has completely transformed what my life looks like + what it feels like.


Join the Sticky Habit Intensive and revolutionize the way you do habits, and the way you do life. 

What people are saying . . .

Monica teaches habits differently.

Here are what just a few women have said who have experienced her habit coaching, all based in what you will learn using the Sticky Habit Method.

“It’s so interesting. We started with the goal being my morning routine, but we ended more with a connection to self. . . . In just a few minutes, you’ve helped me reframe what a morning routine even means.”


Monica coached Rhonda on her morning routine.

Watch the coaching call!
“My evening routine hasn’t been what I wanted it to be, and Monica helped me design a more supportive evening routine . . . {with} just the reminder I needed: baselines are OK. I’m internalizing that.”


Monica coached Taylor on her nighttime routine. 

Watch the coaching call!
“Who would have thought I would be crying about laundry! Monica helped me realized some negative thoughts I was having about myself because of said laundry and gave me great tips on setting up some systems that might work for me.”


Monica coached Lisa on her laundry routine.

Watch the coaching call!

It's time for you to prioritize caring for yourself with some supportive, sticky habits!

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  • 3 Live 60-minute Lessons
  • 3 Live 60-minute Group Coaching Calls
  • All Replays (available for 30 days post-intensive)
  • Private Online Community
  • Support from Monica
  • 1 Workbook
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to all Sticky Habit Method Lessons and Materials
  • BONUS: Bad Habit Module
  • BONUS: VIP discount pass to all future Intensives

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