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Why is My Kid So Poorly Behaved + How to Help || with Monica Sutton

podcast Oct 29, 2019

In a nutshell, it's more about you than it is about them.


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Surely this question has crossed many (all??) parents' minds: whyyy is my kid so poorly behaved?! You, and your little ones, are not alone. The relationship between parent or caregiver and child is complex for many reasons. So what do you do when you can't, and likely don't want to, throw in the towel? This episode is FULL of easy-to-recall tips on how to help in this exact situation.



Why is my kid so poorly behaved + how to help.


Monica Sutton is an early childhood education expert on behavior with 18 years of experience and a knack for boiling it down for even the most fried parent brains. Right away she gives us 3 reasons children misbehave to help you see they are not trying to be bad, they are really just developing and expressing needs.


I even told her I wanted to title this episode "Why do my kids hate me??" and with a laugh she gets into the reasons we shouldn't take parenting personally. Perhaps the most simple takeaway of them all? She says, be calm and then respond. Though an interview meant to focus on how to handle children, much of it centers around YOU. Ya know, put your oxygen mask on first kind of thing. Tune in to feel empowered to handle your parenting with consistency and connection!



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BIG NEWS: Podcast University is open for enrollment!!
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