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What To Do When You Don't Fit In || with Jasmine Bradshaw

friendship podcast Sep 15, 2020

Worry less about fitting in, and more about belonging and self acceptance.



It doesn't matter if the circumstances are really true or not, if you don't feel like you belong, the weight and hurt of it feels the same. In this interview we uncover what feeling like you don't fit in, and finding belonging really means. If you find yourself asking what to do when you don't fit in, then these simple steps might help. At least, take solace knowing you are certainly not alone in feeling that way.


Jasmine Bradshaw is behind the podcast First Name Basis, where she encourages and empowers us to have hard conversations. She delves more into this in the interview, but it was her struggle to find belonging that actually inspired her to create the First Name Basis community. She talks about growing up biracial, and what she learned from her parents, college, and a special experience on an internship in New York.


So much of what you can do when you feel like you don't fit in, is to first make sure you have belonging within yourself. Jasmine has 3 steps to being brave and seeking connection. She advocates making room where room isn't made for you, and always voicing your values. Tune in to her story here, and follow more on her podcast, to see how she fully embodies these principles.



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