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What if it's really too late? || Growth Spurt

growth spurt podcast Nov 25, 2020

How you can still dive into your dreams.



All month long we've discussed our theme "Never Too Late" with several guests here on the podcast and on Instagram. So, today's Growth Spurt may seem confusing, I get it! But, I wanted to share my bite-sized thoughts on this idea.


It may be realistically too late to pursue a very specific career choice, for example, and that's okay. Don't give up on the seeds to that dream, whatever it may be. Lean into your passions that fueled that dream and pursue them in reasonable ways.


I'm sharing my own personal ambitions of my youth and how I gave up on them for a while. Once I reconnected with myself, and sowed those seeds a little, I found unique ways to pursue my interests, and encourage you to seek the same.


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