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What I Do With Numbing Behaviors || Growth Spurt

emotions habits podcast productivity Feb 16, 2022

The exact steps I take to tackle numbing behaviors and reclaim my time.



Earlier this week I released an episode about the different types of self care, and answered some call-ins from members of the community who wanted help in that area. One, in particular, mentioned an obstacle that so many of us are facing, and it warranted its own short Growth Spurt episode today.


What do you do when you have the time for taking care of yourself, but are turning to numbing behaviors instead of fulfilling ones? In the future I have an info-packed episode coming all about numbing behaviors, but today I want to just share what works for me, in the hopes you might be inspired for yourself. I hope you tune in for the steps I try to take when I find myself not using my precious time in ways that truly align with my values. Let me know if this is something that can work for you, too!


About a few other things...


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