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We Made it: 300 Episodes!!! || Bonus Episode

do something podcast Nov 11, 2020

Lessons learned and questions answered from the past 4 years.



Most of you have heard me tell the story before, of how this podcast got its start. From a bucket list of sorts, that led to a multi-subject blog, to an Instagram, then a podcast, and now a beautiful community. Monica of four years ago had no idea what this would become, but kept going with it anyway. So, now with 300 episodes in the books, I'm sharing everything I learned and answering the questions you asked me.


Thank you for showing up each Wednesday (and Friday, and sometimes other days!) to learn and grow right alongside me. Your insights and growth have brought this community to life. Here's to many more years of progress, not perfection!


About a few other things...


If you would like to be a part of a smaller group of women who are really dedicated to making progress, while having accountability and more guidance, I'd love to have you in our private membership group The Strive Hive. We have monthly masterclasses, a book club, daily inspiration and accountability, weekly chats, and so much more to keep you striving for the growth you want.


For the past month and a half I've hosted a "300 giveaway" where you can win daily gifts, check that page to see if you won. Each of your shares, ratings, and reviews means the world to me and allows me to continue to serve you best. Thank you to everyone who participated!


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