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Ways to Boost Your Productivity as a Busy Mom || with Brittney Hanks

Mar 24, 2020

How to stay energized and productive in ways that replenish you, no matter what season you're in.


At the time we are publishing this episode our country, and world, is facing the pandemic of COVID-19. With respect to the gravity of this situation we do touch on its applicability as part of this topic. We also hope that the tips shared here can support you through this time, but also beyond. And before you totally write-off productivity, tune in for just a few minutes. You'll see that there are ways to boost your productivity as a busy mom regardless of your season in motherhood.



Brittney Hanks, of Homegrown Traditions, is a mother of 4 who focuses on teaching other moms simplify and focus on what is essential in their lives. She believes in quality time with family, and promotes even the easiest of ways to accomplish that. In today's episode she shares how her season of motherhood have changed, and how that affects productivity.


Regardless of your season, she teaches that feeling productive each day actually refuels us. Her tips include doing one thing each day that can't be undone, how to capitalize on your energy, and a fun trick that always motivates her. Don't resign yourself to living a "Groundhog Day" existence, instead implement just a few of these tools to ignite the satisfaction that even a small accomplishment can bring.



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