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There are Times and Seasons || Growth Spurt

do something goals podcast Dec 02, 2020

How to exchange all your 'shoulds' for 'coulds' and what it will change for you.



I really don't like the word "should." Whether you've found others "shoulding" on you, or you "should" on yourself, it usually doesn't feel very good. Instead, say "I could do this..." or whatever else you could do. As we've been discussing that it's never too late I want to also impress upon you that there are times and seasons for all things.


In this episode I'm sharing two very personal times from my life, during which at both times I felt pulled in different ways and like something needed to change. I approached these different seasons with different solutions, but both were right for me and my family. In hopes to help you find peace with your particular time and season, I also share the moment my very wise husband told me "Now now, but not never."


About a few other things...


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