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Simple Solutions to Rock Spring Cleaning || with Carly Adams

organization podcast routine Apr 03, 2022

Does spring cleaning fill you with dread? It’s time for some simple solutions so you can make a spring cleaning plan perfectly suited to you.



I remember growing up, spring cleaning was a major all-hands-on-deck production. Now as THE adult in charge, I get so overwhelmed by alllllll that spring cleaning should entail.


Is that just me?


I didn’t think so. That’s why I invited Carly Adams on the podcast, a professional organizer who believes in progress over perfection at Tidy Home Revival on Instagram.


Today, Carly will teach you how to narrow in on what YOUR needs are for spring cleaning and offer up simple solutions to help you create a plan that will help you get clean without becoming mean.


The Better Homes and Gardens article mentioned in the episode.



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Monica: Welcome to About Progress, Carly Adams.


Carly: Thank you so much for having me, Monica. I'm really excited to chat with you today. This is awesome.


Monica: Well, we were, I feel like we have one of those fun Venn diagrams going on in our professional life, where we both are interested in similar things, but in different ways, I'm personal development and you are organization, but where we meet in the middle is how to do it outside of perfectionism.


Carly: Oh, my gosh.


Monica: That's why I'm so drawn to you.


I've loved your work for a very long time. I'm really excited to have you on to discuss something both specific, but something my community has brought up a lot. And in general, they've talked about organization a ton. I used to have this online Facebook group, and one of the questions was what is your biggest struggle that is getting in the way of your personal development and over and over and over women wrote organization. And so what we're going to do is today, we're talking about spring cleaning, which surprisingly has a lot to do with organization.


There's a lot of crossover there in your world. So might not be the most like kind of fun or sexy topic. Spring cleaning really matters. And I just wanted to start by hearing why you think spring cleaning matters.


Carly: I agree at first glance, not the sexiest topic, but we're going to get into why. So first of all, I love the idea of switching seasons. And I think especially after winter, you want to transition, you want to open in the windows. You want to let in the fresh air. And I think spring cleaning is really about getting that same fresh air for the first time feeling.


Applying it to other areas in your home. So that's why I like to think, I feel like it's important in, in my home is really that specific feeling. But I think, and I know we've talked about this offline too, which is why today's going to be so important is that it's very easy to take the social pressure around spring cleaning and let it get wildly out of hand and have it be another area where we're feeling really bad about ourselves and that we there's a lot of shoulds.


I'm doing air quotes. You can't. That's one of my least favorite words in the world. So really I think that this time of year is about finding that balance between what's important to you and getting a lot out of advice that's out there, but not letting it turn into this big should a thon.


Monica: That's a good word. Should a thought, I think that should a thon both. I mean, it does two things with spring cleaning specifically, either is so much that women can't do it, or they get really exhausted in the process or they don't even start


Carly: Yeah.


Monica: know how ridiculous these shoulds are, but they still are holding themselves up to that standard.


So I start.


Carly: A hundred percent. And that is something like you are hitting the nail on the head and something that I talk with people about all the time, because in my world with home organization, decluttering, having that feeling of this is a whole giant project. And you can't see my hands, I'm doing a big old circle.


This is a whole giant project. I don't know. The quote-unquote best way is to get started. And that feeling of overwhelm keeps you from getting started in the first place keeps you stuck in procrastination mode for weeks, months, years. And helping people get started in very simple steps. Like I know you're really big on like, what is the one thing we can do to get started that is wildly helpful in so many areas of your life.


So I'm very excited to apply that strategy today and dig into, I feel very strongly on this topic. So I'm really appreciative.


Monica: Well, I want to discuss some of the other mistakes. We just shared a few there. What are the biggest mistakes that women often make as they go into spring cleaning? And, you know, with that organization in general, when they have a lot to clean and organize.


Carly: So my mentality for spring cleaning is the same as decluttering an organization. It's a marathon, it's not a sprint.


I use this analogy recently and I was like, Ooh, okay. Actually I think this really, this really drives the point home, but it's like drinking enough water. Say we're striving to drink eight glasses of water a day. You don't go at nine o'clock at night and say, oh my water. And then just guzzle eight glasses of water.


Like that's not, that's not a thing. It doesn't work. So


Monica: won't feel good


Carly: what's that?


Monica: and won't even feel good.


Carly: No, it will make you sick. It's not a good idea. It's highly not recommended. And decluttering, organization, cleaning it's like that too. You want to break things down into really small chunks so that they're sustainable.


And along these same lines, any organizer is going to tell you there's this invisible line when you're working with somebody and what you want to do is you want to motivate them, but you don't want to push them past that line because people get to this invisible line and like they will break down and reach a wall and just want to stop completely.


If you feel overwhelmed to this certain point. So. It's about striking the balance between motivation and hitting that wall. And so in order to not push ourselves over the edge of this, this line is to break things down into small chunks so that we can. Work on the things we need to work on, feel motivated, give ourselves those high fives, check things off the list and be like, okay, I did it.


All right, great. Let's move on to the next thing. Instead of, I have to power through this 50 point checklist in two days, which is going to send you over the edge of overwhelm and quite frankly, doesn't, nobody wants to get started with that. I don't want to get started with that. That sounds terrible.


Monica: Well, even after doing it, I think one of the things we forget about is if you do manage to do all of that and that in that short of a period of time, you become a monster with people after the fact. You messed that up and you don't, you know, that's how I get. So breaking it down, seems like a much more doable way, but also sustainable because that means when things get messed up, which they will, you also can in small increments of time, fix things as they're needed.


Carly: Yeah. A hundred percent, absolutely.


Monica: So, so far we've covered. It's just too much too soon. Okay. And then alongside that, the overwhelm factor, that invisible line you talked about, about us going past that line and going right into overwhelm, shut down kind of territory.


What other mistakes do you see happening with.


Carly: Okay. This is a big one. Like if you take one thing away from today I hope you take more away, but if you take one thing away, this is a big mistake. I talk about all the time buying solutions before you figure out what you need. And this happens all the time with organizing solutions where, you know, you get inspired to do a project while you're at.


While you're at the container store while you see the ad on Instagram and you're going off of your thinking that the solutions are going to solve the problem. And it's not that the solutions aren't good. It's not that the pretty bins can't help us. They can, but what we need to do first is declutter our space measure.


Figure out what we need, what is going to actually be helpful in that space and then shop for solutions that fit the need versus trying to buy the solution and automatically make, make that the solution. When we don't, haven't really fully identified what problem that's going to solve. And when we can't see how much stuff we really need to store and how we need to store it, because we haven't declared yet.


Buying the organizing solutions first just doesn't work. So I, this is a very big thing. I talked to people about this all the time. It's. Essentially, my whole philosophy is based on, is using decluttering as the foundation of everything we do. And I know that's not so much spring cleaning, but more, more organization, but decluttering as a foundation, like I promised you that is the secret to keeping a clutter-free home longterm, because as you're tidying up and like you're decluttering.


You're creating homes for things. And then when you tidy up, things can just go in your home. It also helps you to find what you need when you need it, know what you have. So you're not making double purchases and you can prepare for your shopping trips faster. And in turn, that's going to end up saving you tons of time and tons of money in the long run.


And then the other thing that goes along with that too, is when you're creating solutions that are using decluttering first, you're able to make them way more simple, which helps you get your family on board so that you don't have to be that gatekeeper of knowing where everything is. You can just make simple solutions that can get more and more family members on board, which makes tidy up time.


Exponentially more fruitful.


Monica: I love that you just said simple solutions. That's basically the goal. That's the goal of all deep cleaning, organizing. It's having deep solutions, but that's only possible if you've simplified what you have around. And I've been, and I say this with all sincerity. I have been lucky enough to live in small homes.


As an adult. We lived in a very small house in California. We picked a modestly sized house where we live now for that very reason because it forces us to keep our stuff down to what we actually use and love and need. And it's made a big difference. And I now am looking outside of door and seeing my child's toys spread out all over.


So this is not a perfect process, but I love that. We're, we're, we're targeting the mistakes here. It's, it's putting the cart before the horse. It's the overwhelm and, and it's too much too soon, but one, I feel like I want to spend a tiny bit more time on before we go into a plan and how you can help them come up with a good plan.


Is the should, what did you call it? The should a thon. Okay. Can you just go into that a teeny bit more about why that's a mistake and what they should be kind of I'm using the word shut again, but what should they be doing instead of this should a thon with spring cleaning.


Carly: Sure. So there's going to be a lot of advice out there on the internet, right?


Monica: Yeah.


Carly: The quote, unquote, best way to go about with spring cleaning, with that, I ended up seeing, and this, this is the same advice for decluttering articles, organizing things. You're going to see a lot of advice out there. That's like how to declutter my whole home in a week, or in doing like most requested search research.


I found that a big one was like how to declutter my home in a day.


Friend. I will never tell you to declutter your whole home in a day. Even clients that I'm working one-on-one with either virtually or in person, the most popular cadence for people who are like I'm in, let's do this let's work throughout my home. The most popular cadence is once every two weeks that's as often as they want to see me.


And we're working in three hour chunks, which is enough time to get things done, but not push them over the edge. And some clients, we do two sessions in one day. That's not the right solution for every single client because of what we're working through. Especially, I mean, most of my clients are like, we're just working on decluttering.


It can be a very emotional process. So you need to give yourself a lot of bandwidth. So I will just highly recommend if you see headlines like that, like how to do it as a sprint and not a marathon, do not open them because it's not going to be sustainable. I found, and I will send you the link.


We can link it in the show notes. I found an article that I love, and I know we're going to talk about this later. Like an action plan. One of them. Tips we'll get into is like follow accounts that help you and have really good advice in their realm. One of my favorite publications is better homes and gardens, so they just have a lot of like great advice out there.


And they have an article that came out at the end of February, called our 30 day cleaning checklist. We'll have your home sparkling and just minutes a day. But the great thing about this is they take all these different projects and they break them down into 15 and 20 minute. And that's what I recommend.


That's the time limit I am recommending for most things, take your list and then break that list down. Even we're, we'll go into it, but I love this because you don't have to do all 30 things, but it's broken down into tiny chunks so that it's manageable. And that's, that's the thing that I think it's really all about and can be the biggest help.


So, You're not feeling like you have to do at all because you really truly don't.


Monica: Feel like that's the perfect segue, because the biggest thing for me about how to not be in that. should Pool I'm calling it that because I can't seem to remember that it won't stick in my mind for some reason, just going to go with a should pool. We don't want you to stay in the pool. So the way we're going to help you do that now is like coming up with the plan and how, and we're not going to give a plan.


We're going to teach them how to create their own with some of the secrets that you have for them on how to be successful with their spring cleaning. So are, are you ready to dig into that?


Carly: Oh, yes. I'm all always ready to dig into an action plan.


Monica: Yay.


Carly: Okay. So the first tip as you're going about it. Rely on the experts for tips. So whether it's home organization you know, decluttering, cleaning. In my life professionally. I have been a cleaner, I have cleaned.


I am not an, a cleaning expert. I'm just not, it's not like my realm. It's not the thing that I talk about all the time. So if I'm thinking about like, okay, what's a good way to go about XYZ. I think that I'm not really super up on. I rely on places like better homes and gardens. I love clean mama. She's got a lot of tips.


So I would say follow those accounts that help you with that specific stuff. And again, I will make sure to send you that article. But as we talked about, we need a plan and this is the same advice that I give people about going into decluttering and organizing too. And in my course community, this is the very first.


Thing that we start with is how to create a plan and how to create it personalized to your needs. So this isn't me saying like, okay, these are the 25 things that you have to do for spring cleaning instead. I'm we're going to break it down right now. Okay. So I want you to write down the things that you want to accomplish in spring cleaning.


And I want you to make it like five to 10 things.


Monica: So Lower the number


Carly: Lower the number you can always add to the number. You can always make a second list. Once you complete the first with there is always going to be more that you can do at home. But I think instead of creating a season where. Every weekend or free moment is going to be filled up with like a hundred point checklist.


Let's give you a smaller, more attainable action plan that pertains to the things that you care about and the things that are bugging you and your home, because there's going to be some other things where you're thinking to yourself, like, okay, that can wait. So take the plan five to 10 things, and then I want you to take whatever item it is.


And I want you to break it into tiny chunks. Like for instance, one of my items is dust my baseboards, and then I'm going to break it down by room. So I'm coz dusting all the baseboards. I also live in a moderately sized home, so it's not gigantic, but. You know, it's more than two rooms. Like it was with my one bedroom apartment.


So let's break it down by room. Cause I could do one room pretty quickly, but I can't do the whole house really quickly. So breaking it down, lets us check it off the list. Have something done, not feel like everything is pending. And just have it in those small chunks where I can do, I can do something and work the list in 20 minutes.


Busy adults, mamas. Like we've, we've all got a lot on our place. So we want, we want to have things we can check off, give yourself a high five move forward. Okay. That's really the that's the secret to, to staying motivated is like getting things done. I talked to so many women in my community, my clients who don't consider themselves finishers.


And I think that falls into like these stories that we tell ourselves like, oh, well I never finish anything. So if you're nodding about that, I want to tell you, you can be a finisher. We're just going to make your goal smaller,


Monica: Yes.


Carly: and then you're going to be a finisher.


Monica: that has heard so much by me in our community. Like, I, I I'm lazy. I never get around to doing what I start. I I'm a non finisher. It comes up so much. And I love that what you're teaching here is really because the hurdle was too high. Like you, you have to lower it and then you have to break it down.


And that gets you in the momentum, which is something we talk about a lot in this community. It gets you in the momentum to continue to make more momentum, but also it gets you into a place of identity of feeling like I'm doing it. Like, this is like me.


Carly: Exactly. Like I am a finisher. These are things that I do. I start things and then I finish them. And when I first started the community I would say, Hey, like, I want to call out what are you celebrating right now?


Like, let's talk about it. Let's, let's, high-five each other. And so many people were saying like, well, this isn't a big thing, but, and then sharing thing this, I mean, it's just, it's a small thing, but so now the motto in the group is every win is a win.


Monica: Yes.


Carly: It doesn't matter if it's big or small, it's fine. Every baby step is taking you towards your goal. And our whole thing, like let's just break it on down so we can celebrate every single win and give ourselves some credit because we're doing a lot and it all, it all matters.


 Another thing that's really important here is to remember that you don't have to do everything. This is your permission slip from someone that does decluttering and organizing for a living. I, I'm not going to be doing everything. I'm not at all. I'm going to pick what's important and not everything is going to make the cut.


And that's fine. That's fine. I also want to give a hack for spring cleaning, if you find, oh, I have a lot on my list, but these are things that are important to me, but I feel like it might be too much for this season. Also know not everything needs to get done in the spring. I know it's called spring cleaning, but it's not, "this is the only time we can work on our house" season.


So. I love setting alarms for everything. I might suggest writing a separate list and noting other months that these things can happen and make it a digital list. Set an alarm in your calendar to go up and pop up as an email reminder, once a month, refer to the list and do things at other months. It doesn't all need to happen now.


It's really fine. So den, just pick like two things a month for the rest of the year. It like, it's fine. And done


Monica: is, so freeing. I mean, cause we don't think that like, I I've been starting to follow some of those cleaning accounts, some that you mentioned, and they're partly like weirdly enjoyable to watch, but also like I feel that those shoulds coming in where mic for spring cleaning. Oh, my goodness. Like I need to deep, clean out my washer. Like the innards of it. I need to like organize my entire garage. I need to do each drawer and each closet I need to do all the ceilings. Like, you'd go, well, the list goes on and on. And I love that. You're just saying no, just pick the ones that arereally bothering you the most, maybe the ones that are just kind of like almost when you hit your toe against something, when you're coming in and out of your house kind of thing.


Right. Or like an area that just always feels a little yucky, like, oh I hate being in this room. And, and even within that, just recognizing it's okay to not do it all.


Carly: Yeah, a hun dread percent, a hundred percent. The list can be endless. But just know, like the accounts that you're following about cleaning and organization and as somebody who has an account that is constantly giving tips, I want people to know, like, remember that this is just what we do. We're living in it day in, day out.


If you're not cleaning and organizing your house day in, day out, you're fine. It's it doesn't mean that you need to do this. We're literally doing this for a living. So. If you're not doing it 40 hours a week, you're not missing anything. It's fine. It's super, super fine. We all have a lot on our plate.


We're just here for inspiration, but I don't want anyone to feel like they need to havsome sort of perfect thing going on because I think we're all, it's 2022. We're over it. We're over perfectionism. Right?


Monica: Yes. Yes, We're tired.


Carly: Yes,


Monica: We don't have time for that.


Carly: no. We want to make time for more naps.


Monica: Yeah. More living,


Carly: Yes.


Monica: more shows all of that.


Carly: Yes.


Monica: I'm curious as a professional organizer and someone who's also a human, I love it. You can like have been showing you don't have to have do this perfectly.


Even if this is your job, what does your spring cleaning plan look like?


Carly: Okay. I loved this question because I love when people get really, really real about like, what are you doing as this, this person who does it for a living? Okay. So I've made my list. I picked between five and 10 things. I think I'm at nine right now. And they still need to get broken down by room. So just know no that but I pick my nine, my nine things.


I still have to connect with my husband to like double-check and pick the pick deadlines. He's a project manager, so he's very deadline oriented, which is actually very great.


Monica: That's brilliant.


Carly: once we have that, then what I'll do is I'll print the list with the deadlines and I'll keep it where he can see it next to his weekend to do lists.


Cause then I know it'll transfer over to like his system. And then I'll put deadlines on my calendar cause that's my system. But here's, what's on the list. I also want to preface this by saying that some of the things we're working on, like we have yard stuff to do. We have not really done much with our yard as homeowners, since we moved here, it'll be five years this spring. So those are the things that are big on our list. And I will also say that we are two adults, no children, and currently no pets, although we'll probably have a dog coming up soon, but


Monica: That's fun.


Carly: but so the list is going to be different and whatever, you know, we, you just ended up concentrating on different things.


Okay. We've got a pile of bulk trash to be hauled away by the city. That's done. Very happy about that.


Monica: Always feels good.


Carly: Need to connect with a neighbor to get the ball rolling for fence repair. That should be good. I need to wipe down the walls and my bathrooms. I need to deep clean my bathroom floors that needs to happen.


Wash the baseboards, clean the vents in my hood in my kitchen. Change the air filter cause we are in a fire region in California. Need to change that out a little bit more. Husband is really hoping again with the yard situation, he's hoping for a new pergola. So I need him to pick the plan cause he's, it matters more to him than me.


So he gets to pick the plan. So we can get the ball rolling in that. And then I need to connect with somebody about repairing my backyard sprinkler system.


Monica: Fantastic.


Carly: That's it.


Monica: I love that you're saying next you're going to break down those things and even smaller steps, but I like hearing just even the bird's eye view of what your plan is and how narrowed down it is. That gives me a lot of cool. I can do this and I can do it in ways that matter to me.


I can do it in the style that works for me and I can do in ways that are sustainable. 'cause I feel like the two biggest things I am taking away from our discussion. And again, there's going to be a lot more that people are going to take away, but one is it's about doing this in ways that are sustainable.


Carly: Yeah.


Monica: Okay. And setting yourself up for things being sustainable that way too. But two the whole goal is to feel better in your.


Carly: Yeah. And that matters. It matters. What makes you feel better? Not this should list that you got from someone on the internet. Like, because those, those items you were talking about, like the things where you're banging your toe, the things that bug you every day, like that's different in your house than it's going to be in my house than it is Susie and Janice's house.


Like, do what works best for you. And if someone tells you that that's not good enough, then they can kick rocks. Like it's fine.


Monica: Okay. All right. So speaking of small things, though, I would like to end with you sharing what was one small thing that listeners can do to get started on their spring cleaning or their planning even.


Carly: Yeah, I'm going to ask you to make your list because that's gonna take it mentally from giant project to doable action. And then that mentally is going to give you a place where you can start with a small. Action item that's completely doable and personalized to your specific needs. So that's the one thing, just make that list go from.


Monica: so we already go to, everybody needs to go follow you at tidy revival on Instagram. Carly has incredible tips and education and a non-pushy, but really helpful way. So I really appreciate all the work that you're doing online, but I would like to know, is there any other place that you think they should go and then we have some other things to tell them about,


Carly: Yeah. Announced this yet, but by the time this airs,


Monica: Ooh,


Carly: I should be on Tik TOK and we have a lot of plans myself and my content manager in place to just be giving like a lot of the tips in a really fun way. So I'm excited about this. And that'll, it'll be on Instagram too. I'm not going to be like hiding it away in some place, but if you're on tic-Tok, I'll see you there.


And. Yeah, so that's coming soon. And then later on this month, we're also launching a podcast. So I'm very excited about that also.


Monica: So so late April watch out for a podcast lodge and you and I have something to share about also what's going on late April into early May. And it's an incredible bonus blow out of your course community. And the course is Clutter-Free Home Process.


It's a year long program. And what I love about it. And I've just so everyone knows, like I've been in the course. Like, I, I have seen all the materials. I've, it's, it's a step-by-step kind of process, but also with the freedom to be human, to have your own values inserted your own time. It's both the instruction and the guidance and the support that you need to organize your entire home from top to bottom.


So how about you tell them a little bit about what the sale is it's coming later this month, and then we'll tell them how to know about when the cell is happening and how to get in on it.


Carly: Yeah. So I'm really excited about this. And the idea came about because I knew that this is going to be the last time that I'm offering this current price. So I wanted to dosomething really fun around that. So yeah, we're having this big bonus blow out to invite more people to join us before the pricing goes up.


I will, I do feel like I want to just also say that my favorite thing about this program is it's not just like the course, there's also this private community that you have access to. So you can ask me questions. I'm in that group five days a week. So you get. Like access to me to ask questions along the way.


Monica: And accountability too.


Carly: exactly. We basically we changed the process a little bit as a, as the group grows, but basically you want accountability. You're like, Hey, this is what I'm working on. Cause we do the same action plan process in the program too. And you can submit a form. What you're working on your deadline. And then when that deadline is coming up, then we pop it back in the Facebook group.


We tag you and say, Hey, where are you at? What's going on, checking in. So you know, that that accountability is there for you anytime you want. And if you want to do twenty-five accountability requests at a time. That's fine. There's no limit to it. You put it in there and we will follow up. So very excited about that.


We also have a live Q and a calls to twice a month that people have access to as well as a year worth of library of calls so that people can, they can binge them as they want, basically. So it's a lot of fun stuff going on live in addition to like the, the course materials, which I'm really glad that you've gone through this too.


But the bonus blowout, we're going to have a bunch of fun things. People are going to get access to a photo organization workshop that I'm doing with another organized organizer who specializes in photo, organ organization. So,


Monica: need that.


Carly: so she can tell people how to start. And it's just included in the course. We also have a three month complimentary membership to paper me pretty based out of London. It's a digital. A digital stationary subscription. So she sends you a beautiful stationary bundle that changes every single month.


And you print on demand, meaning that you aren't keeping a big old supply of stationary that you don't actually use. You just print it when you need it. And it's really fun. And Eliza, who is the owner is just the most lovely person. And then the biggest bonus of all is that we are offering a buddy pass.


So you join the program and a friend of your choosing gets to come in for free meaning on the backend. If you want to split the cost with your friend, you can both get 50% off and your friend and your friend will get all the bonuses.


Monica: That alone is unbelievable that you're offering that. So what we're going to do is this is going to be happening for about a week, starting at the end of April. But if you want to have access to this bonus blowout and to her full program, clutter-free home process Carly's program, then get on the, go get our newsletter and I will extend the invite to you because it's going to be, you don't want to miss it.


So I'm going to be sending emails to people who are interested on my go get our newsletter. And you can do that Curly. This has been so fun. I mean, who knew? I would have so much fun talking about spring cleaning, but I did, and I am actually weirdly excited. To dig into my own plan for this year and to get going on it.


We moved in October and I just kinda hit that invisible line you talked about, whereas like now I'm done and now I'm just going to close doors and closed closet doors and deal with things later. But now I feel ready to do it, especially with the methods that you gave us today and the secrets that you've provided.


So, thank you so much for giving so much to our community. Can't wait to share more in the future of, of things that you're doing and also your course too. Thanks for all your time.


Carly: Oh, my gosh. Thank you for having me, Monica. I love the community that you have built and the topics that you talk about. I just think it's so important and I'm a big old fan of your.


Monica: So, so far we've discussed, it's just overwhelming and we want to avoid, oh, hold on. Hold on. Let me redo that.


Carly: Good.


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