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So You're a People Pleaser || Growth Spurt

podcast Nov 07, 2019

As long as you know your innate worth, it's actually okay.


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I shared in my newsletter a few weeks ago that I recently took the Enneagram test and although interesting to see it all explained, I wasn't that surprised by my results. It's kind of what got me thinking about today's topic, because I know I can be people pleaser. But, is that bad? Is that good? And how many more of us can relate?



So you're a people pleaser...


Spoiler alert for this short little episode: I don't think it's all bad! I talk about something I call the "shield of perfectionism" and if your people pleasing nature is to maintain that cover, then you have some work to do. However, it is good to care what others think in the right ways.


So, no, I don't want you to give up on what other people think about you. I do want you to stop hinging your worth on the approval of others, though. It is possible to anchor into yourself, have internal strength, and still be real with people. I have recently gone through this process with myself (after who knows how many times) and am happy to share exactly what that has looked like for me.


About a few other things


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