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A Creative Retreat, a New Delicious Cookie, the Midday Habit I Need, and Honest Thoughts on Confidence || Messy Middle May 2022

messy middle podcast May 04, 2022

A new monthly series giving you insight into my real life, the messy middle, of ups and downs, habits, my Do Something List, and things I love.



In this monthly series I'm sharing what real progress (including real, imperfect, messiness!) looks like for me. Most of the month was spent working on my new habits course, but we did travel for spring break and I attended a wonderful creative retreat.


Tuen in to hear what I have planned for this month, a delicious new spin on a chocolate chip cookie (our fav!) that I tried, a new habit I'm going to implement, and raw thoughts on my personal confidence. If that last one is of interest maybe I'll iron out my thoughts for a full episode, let me know!


About a few other things...


Reclaim your creative power and rediscover who you actually are! If you’re ready to come back home to yourself, to be able to say that you know who you are and what matters to you, take my foundation course, “Finding Me.” It’s OK that you’ve lost parts of yourself along the way; but as you learn to anchor back into who you are and align your life to what matters to you, you’ll find that you have more strength, more fulfillment, and more creativity to bring to your important roles and responsibilities.


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