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Adjusting to my fifth newborn, building garden boxes, the ups and downs of the podcast, the habit baselines that saved me, how my DSL surprised me, the books and entertainment I loved most, and goals for my family in the new year || Messy Middle 2023

messy middle podcast Dec 17, 2023


This is a yearly spin on my usual monthly series where I share my recent highs and lows, how my habits are going, a Do Something List update, plus what I'm loving lately and my commitments for the upcoming year. I hope this glimpse into my life, my family, my work, and my own self development encourages you in your own journey.


Around here the goal is never perfection, just to keep trying, even if in very simple ways. I think you'll see that with all of the big changes going on for me, taking the smallest of steps has helped to keep me afloat and feeling like myself. As always, I encourage you to get messy, too!


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About a few other things...


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