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Meaningful Productivity || March's Theme

podcast Mar 03, 2020

The 3 steps you can follow to stay on track and off the hamster wheel.


Do you ever catch yourself staring down a long list of check boxes? Either you're overly eager to zip through them all, or paralyzed by the thought of even starting? Wherever you fall, productivity is one of those things we can all benefit by checking in on. This month I want you to be productive in less time and in ways that really count. We're calling it meaningful productivity.



Productivity is a strength of mine, but I want to tell you the truth about the weakness I have found in that strength. Full days, with lots of different things to do are exciting to me and always have been. But, what I learned recently is that I sometimes hinge my value off of my outcomes. So then, if I don't fit in and check off absolutely everything, I'm disappointed and unhappy. It isn't a sustainable cycle.


Facing my day using my 3 step system has really helped me narrow in on the to-do's that matter most, without feeling guilt from the things I don't get to. Tune in for the simple steps you can also follow, along with my personal experiences working on each one to turn my hamster wheel of productivity into something meaningful.


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