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Bonus Episode: How We Are Homeschooling

homeschool podcast Sep 10, 2020

Advice from a former teacher turned homeschooling mama who is here to support whatever you choose for your family!



Don't run away thinking I'm another influencer trying to give you advice you don't need. More than anything I want you to always feel supported here at About Progress. I want you to know that whatever you have chosen in schooling your family this year is the right choice. And if it changes, it's still the right choice! There are many reasons, which I share in the episode, as to why we chose homeschooling this year. In summary, because I wanted to.


I recently gathered all my thoughts, ideas, and resources into one spot for you and I'm calling it my COVID School Resource Guide. It's completely free and hopefully easy for you to navigate. Whatever schooling looks like for your family I think there are things in there that will further support your family goals. And ultimately, as I share in this episode, I only have two goals when it comes to homeschooling.


When you tune in I hope you feel more at ease and confident in whatever decision you have made and that my experience provides insight into one of the ways to handle this issue right now.


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