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How to Value Your Motherhood || with Dr. Julie Hanks

motherhood podcast Nov 15, 2020

Let go of harmful ideals and stand in your own truth and value.



My aspirational views of motherhood began when I was a young child, and translated to impossible ideals once I actually had my own children. I was a shell of myself trying to chase what I thought it meant to be an "angel mother." Today's episode is sort of part two after our last conversation in April, where we discuss how to value your motherhood.


Dr. Julie Hanks shares her desire for her own children to see her as a thriving happy, and interesting mother, and what she has done for herself to accomplish that. She addresses the role of caregiving, traditionally undervalued, and how to increase it's value but also what to focus on instead. Learn how to lean into your role, in a way that only you can for those in your care, to see the real value in your motherhood.



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