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How to Handle Different Parenting Styles || with Brian + Ralphie Jacobs

Oct 22, 2019

It's true, opposites attract! Here's what to do about it for your children and your relationship.


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Odds are that almost every couple has asked this question: how do we handle different parenting styles? So many factors contribute to the differences we already have as individuals, that combining on the super important matter of raising little individuals can be a challenge. And what’s even harder? Maintaining a healthy partner relationship while parenting together. But it can be done and this episode tells you exactly how.



How to handle different parenting styles.


In this episode we’re tackling even the tough questions (it’s true, opposites attract!) with one of our most requested guests, Ralphie Jacobs, and her husband Brian. Having taught many classes on the subject, they share what you can do if you and your partner in parenting have different approaches.


Remember, even two good people come from different paths - and that is reflected in our parenting! Ralphie and Brian each have valuable insight into what has worked for them as parents, but also as a couple. Tune in to hear actionable tips (did you know doing nothing counts for something??) and watch out for when they turn the tables on me. The message of this episode, much like they believe parenting should be too, is one of hope and grace for allll of us.



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BIG NEWS: Podcast University is open for enrollment!!
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