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How To Get Along Better with Your Own Parents || with Georgia Anderson

Oct 08, 2019

How to navigate the parent-child relationship when you're no longer a child.


Here's an a-ha moment for you: early adulthood is like your third toddlerhood. In this episode you'll understand what that means, why that is, and how it's deeply affecting your relationships. To get started, one of the most requested topics to address this month has been: how to get along better with your parents.



How to get along better with your parents.


Georgia Anderson, of Know How Mom, has been a guest before and something we touched on then has stuck with me, so we dive more into that topic today. She does workshops, getaways, coaching and online classes about parenting. Today we take on the sometimes under-discussed topic of parent and child relationships when the child is also an adult.


There are 3 things to keep in mind as you navigate the evolution of this particular relationship: empathy, communication, and flexibility. Georgia addresses how those play into what can make things feel more difficult, or more comfortable. So if you're struggling to connect with the people who you were once so dependent on, it's probably more common than you think! The unique perspective voiced in this interview will give you something to think about and act on.



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