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How to Deal with the Naysayers || Growth Spurt

Oct 17, 2019

Understanding the different types of critics in your life + a list of ways to handle them based on my personal experiences.


You may have noticed I've been a little quieter these past few weeks, especially on Instagram, and I'm ready to address why. I'm no stranger to critics, but a recent cruel review left on my podcast really shook me. I've decided to share it with you, my personal feelings, as well as how to deal with the naysayers in your life.



How to deal with the naysayers.


There are different categories of naysayers, not all with bad intentions either. It's important to distinguish the critics you may be facing in order to appropriately deal with them. In this episode I'm giving specific examples that I've encountered and that may resonate with you.


After sharing the words that really brought me down (and crying on air for maybe the first time ever) I wrap things up with a list of ways to help you grow past the critics. At the very end of this episode you'll hear one of Brooke White's newest songs with the most poignant message, thanks so much to her for letting me share!


About a few other things


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