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How Do You Turn Your Passion Into Your Life's Work? || with Tina Anderson of Just Thrive

growth spurt how do you identity Apr 26, 2023


Is there something that has made you think other people can do that, but not me? This is part of a monthly series to convince you otherwise. These episodes feature real women who are answering the question “How do you…?” about their various passions and pursuits.


Tina Anderson is a multi-faceted woman who pivoted from a law career to start her own business. She shares her story of feeling inspired to pursue her "life's work" and trying to figure out exactly what that could be for her and her husband. They are passionate about health, specifically research-backed gut health, with a goal for total body wellness. You'll hear Tina's passion in our conversation, as she is well versed in the science behind her company's products, but also her excitement for everyone to find their life's work.


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