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How Do You Become a Group Fitness Instructor || with Taylor Rockwood

how do you podcast May 24, 2023


Is there something that has made you think other people can do that, but not me? This is part of a monthly series to convince you otherwise. These episodes feature real women who are answering the question “How do you…?” about their various passions and pursuits.


In this week's episode I interview my podcast manager, Taylor! She shares her path from being new to a gym and a quiet participant, to becoming a group fitness instructor. The story of how she initially became certified in her first of several different formats is one of practicality and taking a leap of faith. Now, after moving across the country, she opens up about the struggles and successes of the job, plus the biggest benefits (spoiler: it's not really about anything physical!) If you have considered getting into the instructor side of group fitness, learn some simple steps to get you started and feel inspired that you can make that dream happen for you, too.


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