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"How can I improve my morning routine when there's so much I want and need to do?" || Coaching Call with Rhonda Farr

coaching call podcast routine Sep 18, 2022


Is the thought of creating a picture-perfect morning routine nagging you? Or really any routine that you feel like you should be implementing...


In this coaching call, you'll hear Rhonda who is a busy mom of 4 explain her current season's struggle. Interestingly, the problem she thinks she has turns out to be something quite different at the root. As we zoom in, we actually take the focus off of the expectations of an ideal morning, and realize what she is really seeking is connection. From there, we rebuild her morning.


We also cover what her routine will look like on the best of days, and more importantly on the worst of days, as she now sets out to intentionally grow her new habits. You can listen in and follow the same framework for whatever routine or habit you're trying to create.



About a few other things...


Do you struggle to create habits that stick? It's not your fault. The truth is simple: you've been trying to form habits using methods designed for perfect robots--not real women living real lives. It's time to change that. If I could help you gain confidence in creating habits AND guide you to uncover the ONE supportive habit to deeply care for yourself, could you commit 21 days to learning this method? The Sticky Habit Method is a 21-day course that revolutionizes the habit-formation process. It's real habits for real women.


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