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Homeschool | Teaching Materials

homeschool podcast Sep 07, 2020


1. Meditation for Kids, activity book that is simple, instructive, and fun // 2. What To Do When You Worry Too Much (another workbook) // 3. What To Do When Your Temper Flares (workbook recommended by a counselor)
4. What To Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck (yes, another one:) // 5. Sing a Song For Seasons, includes a daily poem to read to kids // 6. Handwriting Without Tears (again, multiple grade levels and abilities based. I’m a HUGE fan of all their stuff) // 7. Phonics Pathways (how I taught and prepped my older kids to read and what I’m using with my Kinder) // 8. Loom Journals from Promptly (they write in a little part every day and i write back) // 9. Horizons Math Books (I’ve used these for multiple grade levels and have really liked them; were recommended years ago by a friend who homeschooled) // 10. Miss Kelsey preschool and kindergarten monthly curriculum--very detailed and includes all of the supplies. Little prep needed once you print stuff out. // 11. (It’s free and we are doing it daily--I think my kids need typing skills more than learning how to manage a desktop or touchscreen) // 12. Math curriculum for my 2nd grader from the Good and the Beautiful // 13. Revolution Math (vital for my 9 year old. We’ve done it for a year and she loves it.) use code ABOUTPROGRESS to get first month for $5 // 14. Bravery Magazine (arts and crafts, lit, history, science, etc. It’s allll there!) // 15. Free ELA curriculum from the Good and the Beautiful // 16. Math curriculum for older kids Teaching Textbooks


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