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Home School | Toys and Activities for Preschoolers

blog homeschool Sep 07, 2020

1. Little Pritti Make Up Kit plastic makeup I actually got for my little boys so they would stop ruining my makeup // 2. Solid magnetic building tiles work for older ages, too // 3. ANY of Melissa and Doug Puzzles we are huge fans! // 4. Silicone Baking Liners great for baking, but also for sorting games with tactiles like dry beans // 5. Puzzle Storage Rack I can’t live without this now! // 6. Magnetic Drawing Board // 7. Play Doctor Kit // 8. Wooden Train Sets // 9. Natural Wood Blocks // 10. Magformers an investment that has been worth it // 11. Wood beads for them to string (I brought these to church for a long time--but be sure they don’t drop the bag or else you’ll be red-faced like we were on multiple occasions) // 12. Bead Laces // 13. Double sided play mat for toy cars


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