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Home School | Toys and Activities for Elementary School

blog homeschool Sep 07, 2020

1. Backyard Explorer Kit // 2. Solar System Scratch and Sketch // 3. Jenga Game // 4. LCD Writing Tablet so cool! Little kids can use, too--just watch the pens. My preschooler is learning how to write and memorize letter phonics with it // 5. Solar System Floor Puzzle all of Melissa and Doug puzzles are great quality // 6. Scratch Paper Art Set // 7. Busy Town Eye Found It Game works across a wide age range // 8. Create Your Own Comic Book // 9. Water Beads // 10. Underwater Floor Puzzle // 11. Guess Who // 12. Make a Mask Kit // 13. Boom Box for audio books + quiet CDs // 14. Elastic Bracelet Weaving Kit // 15. USA large floor puzzle // 16. Operation Game


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