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But I HATE Learning from Failure || Growth Spurt

Oct 23, 2019

To grow you have to try, and when you try you might fail, but it isn't actually the worst thing that can happen.


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I couldn't shake the thought in my head that stemmed from a comment made in one of my free online classes a few weeks ago. An attendee brought up some issues and we concluded the root of her problems was fear of failure. And if that doesn't sound familiar, let's talk more about it. I bet this fear has played its part in your life, too.



But I HATE Learning From Failure


When you are daring greatly you will fail in someway or another. Of course we're all aiming for success, we're all aiming to grow in the direction we think we need to, so naturally failures will occur sometimes. It's in the way we view failure that we can really find success. And in this episode I share what that has looked like for me.


Very early on in the podcast I interviewed Jaimee Davis who was training for an Ironman. She shared that in her preparation she failed every day. Every day! And now she is an Ironman. See, failure doesn't mean we have to stop it just means we have to shift. I hope when you listen you get that encouragement to grow, fail, and keep trying anyway.


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