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Guard Your Yes's || Growth Spurt

growth spurt podcast Feb 23, 2020

The 3 simple rules I follow to keep my priorities and protect my time.


One time I almost considered becoming engaged to someone (not my husband!) because I was so scared to say no. My struggle with saying yes and saying no has been a long journey, friends, and it's one I'm still working on. In this episode I want to talk about how to guard your yes's and give you my personal experience with, and guidelines, on how to do that.



Last year I lived a year of yes (anyone else read Shonda Rimes' book?) and learned a lot about myself, and others, who behave this way. Not only does saying yes, and even saying no, affect you, it affects everyone around you. Maybe that's not surprising. If this is something you struggle with, examine the feelings that come up when you give a mis-intended yes.


Now let's not go crazy here, I don't like laundry but I still say yes to it, because of my life's priorities. That's the bonus fourth point I share in this episode, along with 3 other rules I follow to guard my yes's.


If this topic is something you know you need to work on even more, check out Becky Higgins episode "Why You Need to Say No to Good Things".


About a few other things...


If this episode struck a chord with you and you know it's time to respect what you really want out of your life, see if the Progress Program is right for you. Through small group coaching I want to help you get unstuck in ways that stick. Doors close 2/28 (or before that if the group reaches capacity - I keep it really small!).


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