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Give Yourself Permission to Try || with Michelle Gifford

do something podcast Nov 22, 2020

Four things to do right now even if you think it's too late for you.



Do you, like so many women, struggle with even starting something because you're unsure if it’s “worth it?” I want to suggest that what you're really struggling with is if YOU are worth it. This episode is allllll about trying things just for the sake of the potential joy, fulfillment, and growth that can come from them. Take it from us, or find it within yourself, this is your permission to try.


Michelle Gifford is a mom of 5 and entrepreneur helping women build their own online businesses. And while she is an expert in her field, this interview is not focused on that. This episode helps you own who you are, and that trying for the sake of trying is worth all the time, energy, and money it may require for you to invest so that you can grow and find massive personal fulfillment.



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