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Drive Your Growth with More Compassion || with Cheryl Cardall

podcast Feb 25, 2020

Little things you can think and do every day to treat yourself with the compassion you deserve.


In this episode we uncover that the anecdote to shame, weakness, and negative self-talk is really compassion. Does showing yourself compassion feel unfamiliar? Maybe it's something you've only considered as an action towards others. If so, then it's time to be your own dear friend, as Cheryl puts it. As you work on your own self respect, you can drive your growth with more compassion.



Cheryl Cardall is a wife and mother of 5 on a mission to strengthen families, by strengthening mothers. She is an advocate for giving yourself grace and has worked on her own self to be able to focus on the positive. She opens up about her own mental health, and the relief a diagnosis brought her. She also shares tips you can use daily to find compassion for yourself, including an experience with affirmations that changed a lot for her.


To improve yourself, to grow, to even begin to respect yourself you don't need to do a 180 degree change. In this episode learn how weaknesses, even negativity, can coexist with strength and positivity. You can become your own friend, to find the connection and empathy that lends itself towards real self compassion.


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