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Do I Really Need Goals? || Growth Spurt

growth spurt podcast Nov 04, 2020

Having a vision inspires us to aspire for more.



Whether you're goal averse or goal obsessed, it is essential to have a vision to know who you want to be. That's because we have to have purpose. I have felt hopeless and anxiety ridden when I don't see the point to what I'm doing, when I lack purpose. If you've ever asked yourself, "Do I really need goals?" The answer is, in alignment with my anti-perfectionism teachings, yes you do.


Goals are a foundation to who we are as humans and our ability to grow. In this episode I share how I was burned out by my outcome oriented goals, them I swung too far the other way and was afraid of goals. I have 3 reasons why you do need to have a vision, and tips for how to keep it achievable. Tune in for how to make your goals a stretch, not a snap, and learn how to bend, not break.


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However you have chosen to educate your children during these unique and uncertain times, I want you to know you're doing the right thing! I have compiled all my favorite resources to share with you in hopes they support you in any way. As a former educator, turned newly homeschooling mama I want us to know we're all in this together, so check out the COVID School Resource Guide.


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