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“Dear Progressor,” May + June 2020 Edition

Jun 23, 2020

Voices from the About Progress community.


We've spent longer than I originally planned on discussing the most recent theme, "Be Healthy", with an emphasis on being, not getting, to our healthiest selves. The guests that shared their expertise this month were all full of valuable information, and in this episode I'm sharing how I got schooled, meaning what stuck out to me the most. Tune in for what I have to say, but also voices from the podcast community.



This is the episode where I also let you in on what's been going on in the Packer home. As you know, we moved out of our home in California, moved in with my parents in Utah, and have just been trying to adjust to our new routines. I've also made an exciting decision about schooling for the upcoming year, and I'm curious if you've wanted to do the same!


I'm signing off from new episodes for the next month as a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes on. But, especially if you're a new listener, you'll be able to listen to some freshly edited encore episodes. I hope that you are also able to continuing growing this summer, whatever that looks like for you, and look forward to reconnecting here on the podcast in a few weeks!


About a few other things...


It's my birthday month, and I actually want to give gifts to some of you! Would you take less than 5 minutes to leave a rating and review for the podcast? Your feedback is what really helps us grow, both as I learn what resonates with you and in ability to reach more people. Each week I'll select one review to send a few goodies to as a thank you for the support that means so much to me.


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