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“Dear Progressor,” March 2020 Edition

Mar 26, 2020

Voices from the About Progress community.


Each month I ask for you, the listeners, to send in a soundbite sharing how you've grown or what you've learned this month. Given the way our world has been turned upside down this month I'm not surprised there was only one submission. As you listen, though, I know her perspective on comparison will resonate with you. I also give my (hopefully encouraging) thoughts on life and growth during these uncertain times.



I share more in the episode about how this year I'm focusing on the specific purpose of this podcast and community. I want to serve you, in ways that really count, because this has never been a fan club for me. Earlier this year I launched our private membership group, and it has quickly become the best example of this community. In that group the women share openly, support one another, find accountability, and more all with my attention. There are coaching calls, a book club, challenges and other ways for you to find connection as you grow.


About a few other things...


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