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Get unstuck, in ways that stick. 

The Progress Program is for women who are ready to transform the way they think, feel, and act

in LASTING ways

Right now you . . .

  • are stuck with your personal growth
  • lack confidence in yourself
  • aren't sure who you are
  • feel frustrated with your habits
  • find yourself numbing out too much and too often
  • don't know how to change outside of all-or-nothing extremes

With the Program, you will . . . 

  • grow dramatically in ways that stick
  • gain more self-confidence
  • connect with your truest identity
  • feel pride over your growing supportive habits
  • have more focus and increased control
  • discover that radical growth CAN and MUST be found in doable ways
I'm ready to change!

Close the gap between who you and who you want to be with the Progress Program! 

Have you reached a plateau?

I've been there, too.

And thanks to all the online and unreachable "experts" around me, I thought that the only way to change was through extremes.

But, I knew that all-or-nothing wasn't working for me anymore. Frankly, I didn't see it working well for anybody.

I had to find a different way of breaking through to the next level with my mind, body, and spirit.

And I did.

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"What one can be, one must be."

~Abraham Maslow

As humans, it's wired into our make-up to want more and to be more. When we deny ourselves of progress--whether its through the extremes of ALL or the paralysis of NOTHING--we find ourselves stuck and unfulfilled.

When nothing changes, nothing changes.

The old ways you've sought to change in the past haven't worked. They won't start magically working now.

It's time for a new path, and with that a newly transformed life from the inside, out.

It's time for you to close the gap between who you are and who you can be with the Progress Program.

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Your "BEST" is within your reach!

The Progress Program is set apart from other coaching programs in these ways:


A coaching call should not feel like a cattle call!  We intentionally keep our two group levels small so that you are seen, known, and supported.  


Whereas many coaching styles only focus on thoughts, the Progress Program combines the best of mindset AND action so that you shift your thoughts AND your habits.


Read: WHOLE. To become the BEST version of you, radical growth must happen with your mind, body, AND spirit. One can't transform without the other. 

Listen to our "Progress Stories!"

Hear from women just like you who participated in the Progress Program and their story on how it helped them change.


Numbing behaviors = things you do to numb yourself from stress, pain, overwhelm (aka, life!) that actually only make you feel icky in the long run.

For some of us, numbing behaviors looks like getting lost on our phones; for others, it's being an energizer bunny to alllll the things that don't actually matter.

Our students have reported a dramatic improvement with lessening their use of numbing behaviors thanks to what they learn in the Program.


We learn:

When you shift your mind, you shift your actions.

When you shift your actions, you shift your mind.


If numbing behavior takes up more time than you want to admit, you are not alone.

You are not broken. You will be able to change with us.

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I know what it's like to feel stuck.

I didn't know how to change outside of the perfectionistic path I was on.

I was finished with the all-or-nothing pendulum swing I found myself on for years and frustrated by the only consistent result it seemed to produce for me: a terrible self-image. 

I wasn't sure if I could change in ways that would last. But, I knew I had to try.

I also knew that I had to find a better way than the "unreachable" experts who only offered the black-and-white paths to transformation.


So, I created my own path. And I changed completely.

From the way I viewed myself, my thoughts, and my mindset, to the way I treated my loved ones and the habits I took on to support my greatest values.

I changed it all.

But really, it wasn't a "change" as much as it was an uncovering. An uncovering of what was waiting inside me all along.

The real me.

I want that for you, too.


Maybe I can't sell you "overnight success" like the world keeps doing to you; but I can promise you radical, transformative growth in ways that won't disappear as quickly as you instate them.

I can promise you that in 6 months, you will feel stronger and unstuck in ways you otherwise would not have.

I can promise you a radical change, inside and out: from your thoughts, to your identity, to your habits.


I can promise you that the better version of you is totally inside you and totally possible.

And I can help you uncover her.

You'll have all the tools you need to start making progress again.

  • Community: exclusive small-groups of women like you + online platforms for built-in accountability and support
  • Coaching: 6 months of weekly calls with personalized attention + learning through others
  • Curriculum: weekly lessons, carefully cultivated over years of work and experience 


There are TWO levels to participate with in the Progress Program:

  1. The Main level of 30 women
  2. The Elite level of 10 women, with extra perks

BOTH will advance you towards a better you as the curriculum is the same!

How you choose between the levels is dependent only on how much additional support you need in this season of your life.

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+ TWO Free Power-Packed Bonuses!

Here are the additional $594-in-value bonuses you'll receive FREE with either level, if you sign up by January 31st.

Listen on-the-go

No need to sit and watch each lesson and coaching call replay!

Included is our $197-value bonus, the Progress Program Radio

This feature is our exclusive, private podcast feed!

You'll get all your lessons and coaching call replays delivered right to your favorite podcast app on your phone so you can listen on-the-go and at whatever speed you like.

365-Day Access to Curriculum

We learn best through repetition!

While the Program is 6-months in length, this special bonus gives you 365 days of access to all the curriculum in the Program, including the lessons to the coaching call replays.

 This $397-value bonus allows you to learn (and re-learn!) for months to follow after the Program's coaching ends.

Which level are you interested in?

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Main Level: 

Recap of what you'll get: 

  • 6 months of powerful small-group coaching, capped at 30 participants
  • 6 months of weekly life-changing lessons 
  • {BONUS} A private podcast feed for lessons + replays (learn on-the-go!)
  • {BONUS} 365 days access to curriculum
  • Monthly digital workbook
  • Private online community for accountability and support within the Main level.
  • Lasting change

All valued at $3,497

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Time is running out!

Enrollment only opens 1-2 times a year. 

"I joined the Progress Program unsure if it would be the right place for me where I was currently. I felt broken and I had a lot of emotional healing to do, so I wasn’t sure if I was 'ready.' I also knew that I needed accountability and support.
"The Progress Program was the best thing I could have had as the pandemic started. It kept me grounded and centered as the entire world fell apart. Focusing on my progress helped me better be there for my family. The questions that Monica knew to ask helped me and the other women in the Program find answers we may not have been able to find on our own.
"Watching those women progress through everything in their lives was so beautiful and inspiring, that it kept me going as well."

Elite Level: 

Recap of what you'll get: 

  • 2 additional one-on-one private coaching calls with Monica
  • Smaller group capped at 10 participants, for increased support and accountability
  • 6 months of powerful small-group coaching, capped at 10 participants
  • 6 months of weekly life-changing lessons 
  • {BONUS} A private podcast feed for lessons + replays (learn on-the-go!)
  • {BONUS} 365 days access to curriculum
  • Workbook printed and mailed to you
  • Private online community for accountability and support within the Elite level, only.
  • Lasting change

ALL valued at $4,888

Click on your preferred way to sign up for the Elite level: payment plan or pay upfront (with $285 savings).

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Read Jenna's Story:

a stay-at-home mom trying to find her place and better value her contribution 

I decided to join the Progress Program in September 2019 when I realized I didn’t have much of a plan for my life beyond raising my kids.
Being caught up in the busyness of raising young, challenging kids alongside a husband who had a demanding job and position within our church didn’t allow for much time to reflect on my own curiosities and pursuits. 
When my kids reached an age where they enjoyed a greater measure of independence, doubts about the value of my contribution to the family began to creep in. There didn’t seem to be a way to measure the value of the tasks I was engaging in. I was constantly trying to justify how I spent my time during the hours my kids were at school. 
I wondered if having my own income and work could provide some of that validation, but I also felt a lot of “should” rather than “I want” around the issue of working which further delayed my decision-making process. I wanted to be on a trajectory where the way I spent my time felt meaningful and not just a way to fill the void. 
Finding that "thing" to propel me into taking risks and explore my options is not something that comes naturally to me, especially if it means making some long-term commitments. I find I'm envious of those who have found their passion and are using it to contribute in meaningful ways in their communities.
Along with this mixture of emotions came the frustration of not knowing what I wanted to do or where to start.  The choices felt overwhelming in their scope.  I kept putting things off, finding ways to delay the process. I needed help with moving forward. It was during this time Monica offered her online class on procrastination.
The class helped me understand that I wasn’t lazy or irresponsible, I just had some big fears around commitment when it came to making decisions.  
I’d never considered myself a perfectionist because perfectionist personalities were the high achievers in the world, the “go and get it done” kind of people.  This certainly wasn’t me, but through Monica’s class I began to realize my perfectionist tendencies manifested themselves through procrastination.  I simply delayed making choices because that was the safe way to respond to my fear of not getting it right.
The procrastination class was enlightening. I knew I wanted to learn more, so I signed up for Monica’s Progress Program.  
In the Program I continued to learn about my personal roadblocks to progress.  Many of the women in our small group had similar experiences that I could relate to.  As Monica took time to coach us through our thought processes and hang-ups, I learned through our shared experience how to apply the nuggets of wisdom and research Monica had to share. 
Monica was always prepared for each of our coaching sessions, even if I had not followed through with my habits and commitments that week.  She never shamed us and always validated our efforts.  Her focus was on “slow grow,” not overnight results.
Gradually, as the principles of the Progress Program began to sink in, a realization began to take place:
I find it difficult to make decisions when I am focusing on the end result because the end result feels so finite.  
For one who deeply values flexibility, anything finite creates a lot of internal fear. Thinking in finite terms can paralyze me from moving forward with a decision.  
I often deflect by filling up my time with lesser priorities.  I don’t want to make the wrong decision and live with regret, so I avoid having to decide altogether.  
This can lead me feeling unfulfilled which I tend to interpret as not feeling valued or productive, a feeling I equate to "contribution", one of my core values. 
Once I began to understand these things about myself, I was able to start internalizing Monica’s mantra that growth and development are all about the PROCESS, not the end result.  
When this principle in particular began to sink into my psyche, I found so much relief!  I didn’t need to fear the end result, because I could change course any number of times along the way.  
One change could lead to another and I could end up with something completely unexpected and that was ok!  
The important thing was that I would be leading the change by pursuing things that aligned with my core values and therefore would be meaningful to me. 
Giving myself this grace has lifted a burden and given me freedom to explore and be ok with not knowing exactly what my 10yr plan will be.  I don’t feel pressured. I can decide along the way.  
I’ve also gained a greater sense of inner peace knowing that my role in my family is significant whether I’m balancing a career and home life or taking time to figure it out.  It’s okay to spend time figuring out what is important to me and aligning my values with the way I spend my time.  
It is important to find balance and work through my indecisiveness rather than avoiding it. It's also important to talk to myself in ways that I would talk to someone I love and want to help, to give myself grace and credit for my efforts, as imperfect as those efforts may be.  
Participating in the Progress Program was an instructive, growing experience for me and the principles I learned continue to guide me in my discoveries as well as my moments of setbacks.  
I recommend it whole heartedly to anyone who is seeking to better understand their own journey of personal growth and progress.

Nervous about "group" coaching? It's actually one of the favorite features our members enjoy. 

You are not the exception!

Not to be mean, but you are not special because you are "unusually broken." 

Everyone has a gap between where they are and where they want to be. You are not the first human to experience feeling stuck, and you won't be the last.

BUT, when you excuse yourself from doing something to work on your personal growth because you're CONVINCED your efforts won't amount to much, well then. . . it's time to step off from your self-sabotaging soapbox and bet on yourself.

My Program is 100% guaranteed to change you.


Yes, this will require some time, energy, and money. It won't be without effort on your part.

However, when was the last time you realllllly prioritized your own transformation?

When was the last time you decided that YOU needed to be on the list of your highest priorities?

If it's been quite some time, then not only are you experiencing the awful consequences of that, but so are your most important responsibilities and priorities.

Do you want to be a better _________? (Fill in the blank: mom, boss, friend, partner, etc.)

Be a better YOU, and that role you cherish is 100% sure to benefit.

Consider this your permission slip to prioritize your own growth and prove your (old) self wrong.

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