Calling all Perfectionists, Procrastinators, Non-Starters, Non-finishers, and All-or-Nothingers!

You know that the way you're navigating life isn't working well for you, you are READY to change, but you need help with the HOW.

You CAN uncover the "more" within you by working on your identity, habits, and productivity. The Progress Program is here to guide you to lasting growth.

Get unstuck in ways that stick.

"This program has changed my life. I look at life differently now, though I still have growing to do. I love that each day I find myself applying various concepts in my life that we have discussed in our meetings . . . I'm excited to see how much I will continue to grow as I take on this new me. 'I can be happy in my mess.' Thank you Monica, for seeing a need for all women to have a safe space to talk, evaluate their lives and create a better version of themselves."

Progress Program client

"This program stretched me! In the first session I felt very uncomfortable, because it wasn’t 'normal' for me to show up and be vulnerable. Each week I learned so much about myself by listening to other women share their experience. Weekly, Monica has given me amazing feedback and challenged me with actionable items that are personal to my own growth. Through this experience I’ve change my mindset on what I’m pursuing. I’ve overcome blocks on what I’m avoiding. I also learned that I’m really good at coming up with practical excuses not to achieve. Now I recognize this behavior and use the tools Monica taught me to work through this. It’s good to be uncomfortable, it means I’m growing. "

Progress Program client

"I am SO happy I took the leap and invested in ME with Monica! Looking back the day before I started, and where I am now after Monica's Progress Program....I am a better woman, wife, and mother. She helped me remember who I am, let go of who I thought I was (and what everyone else wanted me to be), and to step into MY identity! I love our weekly coaching calls and our group is fantastic! This is not just a feel good coaching call, she will push you (very lovingly) and you will have actionable things to do. You will make PROGRESS. Monica truly cares about YOU. She listens and she does more than you think to help you be the best YOU! This program is worth every penny and MORE! and guess what, YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!"

Progress Program client

"I had been in a bit of a rut for, I hate to say it, a couple of years. Working with Monica in the Progress Program helped me a ton! The best part for me was her thoughtful guidance in pinpointing my goals, identifying what was holding me up, and then discovering the small steps to move forward. In the time working with her I've made major progress in several areas of my life including healthy weight loss, communication with my spouse, and starting a niche blog with actual readers, contributors and great content. I am 100% glad I signed up! "

Progress Program client

"This program was worth every penny! Monica is an insightful coach and she is so genuine and kind! She created a space where we were all challenged and held accountable, yet it was totally free of judgement. This was like the best kind of support group, full of women committed to showing up for themselves and each other. I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who struggle to know what they want or feel like they can't change in lasting ways."

Progress Program client

Many capable women feel stuck in their personal growth, which affects everything! 

The 12-week Progress Program empowers women to tap into their inner "go-getter" via weekly lessons and small group coaching that transforms participants from the inside, out with their identity, habits, and productivity. 

With learning, support, and accountability, sustainable progress will guide women to live more meaningful, fulfilling lives.


Kiss mass-meets-all coaching goodbye!

A coaching call should not feel like a cattle call.
We cap enrollment EACH time to ensure this is SMALL-group coaching. Meaning you get SEEN and HEARD + you are a part of a tight-knit community of fellow Progressors going the extra mile to grow in lasting ways.

Feeling stuck?

I was, too. I used to be an obsessed over-achiever, until fear (and life!) led me to become a frustrated under-achiever instead. I know what it feels like to know you USED to have gifts, talents, interests, and personal growth--and then to seemingly have none. But I worked my way back to the real "me"--one striving for personal growth AND fulfilled along the way. There IS more within you, waiting to be developed. I am going to get you unstuck in ways that stick.

Goals plateaued?

Maybe you procrastinated them, went full-throttle and got burnt out, or found that your all-or-nothing strategy led to mostly . . . nothing. You are not alone in feeling like your personal goals go nowhere! Other programs promise huge results coupled with unrealistic, unsustainable effort. With the Progress Program, we know that lasting change comes with small, messy steps that build off of each other to sustainable change.

Where to start?

When your own growth has been on the back burner, it's hard to know where to begin. Let's start with the foundation! This 12-week program helps you get at the roots of what's stopping you in the first place. Thought-work is coupled with personalized, ACTIONABLE steps that work with both who you are now and who you want to become. If you're looking for your first-step back or even a push to continue the personal-growth path you're on, this is it. 

Ready to break free from perfectionism sabotaging your life? 

Do you know that most perfectionists are the UNDER-achieving kind? Let's help you combat your all-or-nothing tendencies and choose messy--but lasting--progress, over perfection.

Ok, I'm SO eager to see what my options are

What does this Program entail?

  • Practical transformation that lasts
  • 12 weeks of small-group GROWTH coaching that covers identity, habits, and productivity
  • 12 GROWTH modules taught and coached through (see below!) by professionally-trained educator and seasoned Progress Coach, Monica Packer
  • Exclusive workbook, including one worksheet covered per module each week
  • Exclusive weekly training videos + hour-long coaching calls (WITH REPLAYS!)
  • Access to a private FB group where you can report in with your "homework," and seek accountability from a special community of growth-seekers
  • Lifetime access to the training videos and workbook, including any updates/improvements that occur throughout the life of the Program

Modules covered to help you find the "go-getter" in your identity, habits, and productivity:

  • Knowing what you WANT
  • Comfort zone
  • All-or-nothing thinking
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Problem-solving
  • Overload principle
  • Numbing behaviors
  • Resistance
  • Habit formation 101
  • Time Management: priorities
  • Time Management: routines
  • What If vs. What Is


I'm so ready!

"The program comes with great practical tools that make change feel doable. More importantly, Monica is gifted at helping you get to the root of the issues and make a practical plan to move forward, and the community you receive from the other women is so validating and healing! I’ve already recommended the program to all the ladies in my life!"


"This program gives you the follow up and accountability you need to actually start working on self improvement. The content is broken up into weekly manageable information and the sincere help from the other members of the group help you realize you are not alone, everyone is just as messed up as you are."


"I appreciated the clarity the Progress Program provided. When I signed up, I was in a place where I felt stuck and unable to make decisions that could propel me forward in my development. As a result I felt guilty and unfulfilled, even though I had a lot of good things going on in my life. I couldn't understand why I avoided making these decisions, knowing that I felt stuck. Monica has a wonderful ability to mirror back your thoughts and help you discover those fears that are in the way of your progression. She is very empathetic and provides a safe and welcoming place to explore what is holding you back while helping you recognize how to give yourself space and permission to learn from sabotaging habits and mistakes. I experienced several "a-ha" moments that have helped me understand the way I think and what motivates me. This has proved very helpful as I move forward in my desires to progress. Thank you Monica!"


"You don’t realize you need something as much as you do until you do it. I needed these women. I needed the support from Monica teaching, but I didn’t realize I needed to be there to hear from all the women in my group. It felt like a safe place to express our deep and raw feelings. I’m so grateful I took this course."


"I was SUPER nervous to do this program but Monica is incredibly supportive, non-judgemental and intuitive. She helped me uncover some things about myself that have been key for my growth. I highly recommend her program!"


Who is this Program for?

The Program is for women who . . .

• feel stuck in their personal growth • find themselves in the same patterns of all-or-nothing and burnout with their goals • know their habits need to change, but struggle with the how • get overwhelmed by time management, especially how to insert their own growth into their busy lives • tend to procrastinate their own dreams and interests • are DONE with their tendency to overthink/overplan, or delay planning • identify as “non-achievers” or “over-achievers,” both at the expense of their happiness • are afraid, sad, angry, disappointed when they imagine their future without finally working on the things they have put off

Who is this NOT for?

The program is NOT for women who. . . :

• expect over-the-top demands that create immediate results (this is what other programs promise, but rarely deliver) • believe the lie that transformations can—and should—happen overnight (progress is messy!) • are content with their dreams, goals, personal development, organization, and habits (good for you, truly!) • want complete anonymity (this group does require your face to be on the screen—it keeps you accountable, it builds a community, and it entails more personal investment for you to show up, be heard, get help, and then do the work) • expect their problems to be solved without being willing to put in the (messy, never perfect, but still consistent) effort

Pricing Options

We want YOU to be able to access this program at a rate that works for you, not against you. Enrollment closes February 28th and won't reopen until Fall of 2020.

Pay Upfront


one time

12-weeks small-group GROWTH coaching (with replays!)

Exclusive workbook + videos 

Exclusive access to private FB group of Progressors, participants of the Program 

Lifetime access to training videos and workbook, INCLUDING any updates throughout life of program

SAVE $30 when you pay upfront 

this is right for me



PER MONTH, for 3 mos

12-weeks small-group GROWTH coaching (with replays!)

Exclusive workbook + videos 

Exclusive access to private FB group of Progressors, participants of the Program

Lifetime access to training videos and workbook, INCLUDING any updates throughout life of program

Split up into more affordable payments

sign me up



one-time offer with enrollment

12-week Progress Program + all its lifetime benefits INCLUDING the Pay Upfront $30 Discount

+ Additional 4 WEEKS even smaller-group coaching reserved for P+ members, only (valued at $197)

{{P+ caters to even smaller groups, capped at 5-10}}

{{Offer ONLY for first-time enrollees}}

$424 $297 SPECIAL OFFER ($127 discount--WOW!)

I want all the perks

Let's get you UNSTUCK in ways that STICK.

Don't forget, spots are limited

I want to ensure each participant feels the personal touch of this program. This is NOT a mass-meets-all coaching program. I've tailor-designed it to meet the needs of a unique group of recovering perfectionists (procrastinators, included). For that reason, I'll be capping enrollment for each session, and sign-up periods will also only be every ~4-6 months.

I've got some questions I'd like answered, first!

It's OK, girl.  I'm the same--I like to know a LOT before I'm ready to commit.  Click below to access our FAQs!


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